We’re just getting going here & are pretty damn enthused to announce our new company Dabble – an easy way to try something new.

Dabble started with a simple insight … we’ve found it difficult to try new things on a regular basis. Although we consider ourselves the independent / adventurous sort, there’s lots of excuses to prevent us from committing to a fun class (i.e. I’ll take a spanish class … someday), cultivating hobbies (i.e. I want to brew beer … where would I start?) or finding a substitute for our typical night-out routines (i.e. drinks or dinner … again).

That’s where Dabble comes in. We’ve been rigorously chatting with potential users over coffee & beers and we’re now confident that our Dabble will help a biggish group of people whom share our pain (that’s why we love startups … beer & problem solving).

While still doing our hoply marketing consulting thang, my business partner (Erin) & I (Jess) will be polishing the alpha version of our new baby over the next month or so. We’ll be providing a play-by-play of the ups, downs, hilarity and torment of Dabble’s launch through this blog.

Be sure to request early launch access, tag along and feel free to share your thoughts along the way.

Thanks – look forward to dabblin’ with you!
(cheesy, we know)

Jess & Erin