I graduated from college. My thought at the time? Sure, the proverbial “ugh, now on to real life” came to mind. My years of suspended reality were coming to a screeching halt.

But I chose to look on the bright side of things. More free time! No more tests! The ability to pick up any book of my choosing and finish it at will. Deadlines, schmeadlines (we’ll ignore what the working world would soon bring about).

But after some time, I realized: was it so bright? I actually craved opportunities to learn. And I wasn’t about to sign up for graduate school… yet.

So, I decided to seek out opportunities to learn. They all seemed to come in the form of 10-week courses for $400 or more. Hmmm. Sure, I could set aside a small “mind expansion” pot and satiate my learning craving. But more than anything, I was interested in dipping my toe into a bunch of things. If I wanted to try my hand at perfecting my photography skills, did that mean that I had to forego French lessons until the pot grew to $400 again? I didn’t feel capable of choosing between my many interests. So instead, I froze up, suffering from a massive dose of inertia. For at least three years. Then, I finally justified that Printmaking class I’d been eyeing. 

What I REALLY wanted was the ability to dabble. Try my hand at jewelry-making one week, calligraphy the next. And if I then wanted to take my toe-dipping to the next level and dive into deeper waters, I could do so with a bit more confidence and the readiness to commit.

Tell me: do you struggle with my dilemma? How many classes have been on your “list” for years? I’d love to hear.

– Erin

(Photo courtesy of debalalou via Flickr.)