Get to know Dabble Community Development Coordinator Nathan Binkley below:

Describe who you are in 10 words or less.

Interesting, self-reliant individual, art enthusiast, obsessed with learning new things.

What do you like about being a Dabble Community Development Coordinator?

Dabble is the best idea I’d heard of in awhile.  My old roommate from Iowa introduced me to it after taking a Spanish class.  He wouldn’t shut up about how awesome the class was and how much he actually learned.  I love the idea of exposing yourself to a wide array of ideas and skills, it’s like being a freshman in college all over again.  I also really like the daily interactions I have with a TON of interesting people in Chicago.  Working with Dabble gives me the opportunity to chat with some of the most talented individuals in our city, it’s awesome.

What do you currently dabble in outside of working @ Dabble?

Currently, wedding planning.  I’m also a little bit obsessed with the stock market (DJIA) and all things related to investing.  Not a day goes by that I don’t spend an hour or two reading/learning about what’s going on in “the market.”  Music is a constant interest as is cooking (made some fantastic Bruschetta last night), single malt scotch and small batch bourbon from Iowa (Templeton and Cedar Ridge, awesome).  

What would you like to Dabble in?

I want to know how to make Sushi, really good sushi.  That’d be awesome, have a handful of people over and be like, “Hey, who wants a Salmon/Avocado roll?”  I’d also like to learn how to make things out of wood, like maybe a cutting board, something simple.  Oh, I’ve also been spending too much time reading about how to smoke/make homemade bacon.  Bacon is fantastic, imagine how good your deck would smell if you were smoking bacon.  I’m also really interested in learning more about different types of bitters (little bottles of flavoring bartenders use at places like Maude’s or Gilt Bar). There are so many things I don’t know…I never want to stop learning new things.