Sarah Gaynor (@gaynordesigns), our contest winner of “free classes for a year,” will be documenting her nitty gritty class experience with us for the next 12 months. Here’s her fourth Dabble class!

Before I begin discussing my foray into cupcake decorating, I must make a full disclosure: Beth Marrier, the fabulous instructor of cupcake decorating, is a friend of mine. I will try to refrain from letting my personal feelings towards Beth color my write-up in any way, I will not say she a cool lady with awesome tattoos. I will say she first introduced me to Dabble and is the reason I am writing this blog post today. Now on with the class!

Beth, our instructor, first walked us through the very basics: don’t buy pre-made frosting, keep extra candy and nuts around to use for decorating, stay organized and think ahead, have fun and experiment. Then it was frosting-making time. She showed us how to make a very tasty and surprisingly easy frosting. With each step she explained everything in detail, from the correct temperature of the butter to the difference between using cream, half and half and milk. I can’t stress how much information she gave us just on frosting making. Armed with the recipe (in a handy printout) and a mixer, I felt pretty confident I could recreate the frosting at home. 


When it was decorating time, Beth taught us how to use things we already have at home to replicate more expensive decorating tools. She showed us a couple of basic techniques that included how to fix mistakes (always an important lesson). Then it was our turn. We each got a couple cupcakes and a ton of stuff to work with. My fellow Dabblers created some seriously great-looking cupcakes using high tech tools like ziplock bags and butter knives. The designs I created focused on two of my favorite things: skulls and sprinkles. 

One of the best parts of the class for me was eating the cupcakes. More patient Dabblers carried their creations home to possibly be eaten with a nice glass of milk. My cupcakes were gone the second I finished taking a picture of them. 

– Sarah Gaynor (@gaynordesigns)