So you’ve seen this Dabble thing. You’ve visited the site a few times, maybe been to a class or two… and you’re tempted. Tempted to start teaching yourself. After all, you have been patiently teaching friends how to knit for the last five years. It’s about time you monetized this skill. 

But wait. You’re reluctant. How do you know if you’re comfortable in front of a group? How would you go about creating a curriculum or lesson plan? How exactly does this all work?

It truly is easier than you think to teach with Dabble. This workshop will walk you through the process of teaching a Dabble class. Get resources, learn how to plan your class, and better understand the Dabble class submission process. 

Materials recommended: Writing utensil & notebook

Wednesday November 9th, 2011 
7:00pm – 8:30pm
Location: CityGrounds Coffee (507 W. Dickens)

Join us! This is a free workshop. If interested in attending this workshop, please email us at