Sarah Gaynor (@gaynordesigns), our contest winner of “free classes for a year,” will be documenting her nitty gritty class experience with us for the next 12 months. Here’s her fifth Dabble class!


 Wine tasting is not the most exciting thing to describe in a blog post. You swirl, you smell, and then you sip and repeat. The fun of wine tasting comes from actually drinking the wine. I knew a little about wine coming into the class. There’s red and white, I like to drink them both. For the most part I know my favorites and I buy them every time, which can get a little boring.

For the class our instructor, certified sommelier TC, had us blind taste test a variety of wines. She walked us through each step of the tasting process, using the Certified Sommelier Tasting Exam sheet. As a group we would go through the sheet and answer the questions. I can honestly say my classmates have much better palates that me. They tasted flowers and grass; I tasted alcohol and grapes. The below chart is a clear example of the Sarah Tasting Method compared to the Certified Sommelier Tasting Exam.

My favorite part had to be the wine-pairing portion of the evening. We were able to try a variety of cheeses, chocolate and meat with each of the wines. I discovered that while I still don’t like blue cheese, I love blue cheese with desert wine.  I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those people doing the full tasting test at a restaurant; I’d probably spill it all over myself trying to look cool. But my newly gained knowledge has been extremely helpful in purchasing wine at the store and could be busted out on a date or too. Why yes we’ll take the Chablis….

– Sarah Gaynor (@gaynordesigns)