…Because even though we try to play it cool at the Chicago office and pretend that “face time” Jess is just as good as real time Jess, her absence has caused us all to become closet stalkers of her life in Denver.

We already knew that Denver had a cool airport and people are really into bikes….but who knew that you could pack all of these things into such a short time period?

Stalking results:

Jess visited THE largest truck stop in the world. We assume they were long on the selection of energy drinks, but perhaps lacking in the Pellegrino

…Which is why she decided to stock up.

She witnessed inspired Colorado road signs

Casually climbed a mountain. (Such the local!)

Met someone who also loves Chicago at Pitchfork Music Festival

And finished up a long day unpacking with brews and ice pops!


While Jess was taking on Denver, Rob showed off his chain mail in something of an office fashion show! (That’s his Blue Steel)

Colorado FOMO aside, we are so happy Jess is settling into her new home in Denver! And so long as Rob does not arrive in chain mail pants, we will continue to procrastinate on her Instagram feed!