Happy Wednesday, Dabblers! Yesterday we sat down with our new designer-crush and Dabble photographer, Dennise Saxton of Tenacious Dee, to pick her brain about some very serious topics over invisible French-vanilla lattes. (Really we just e-mailed her some cutesy questions we think you’d want to hear the answers to, but if our youth spent reading Marie Claire taught us anything about interviewing important people, it’s that your introduction paragraphs have to be quaint and down-to-earth and really “set the scene.” But look! We found this picture of her with a mug in her hand, so it almost counts, right? ;))

Hi Dennise! Care to tell us a little bit about what you do for Dabble?

I’m living the Dabbler dream, I get to attend all these awesome classes and take pictures of the Dabbler experience.

What does your day job consist of, and what do you do to fill the time in between Dabble classes?

I’m a web developer by day and twice a week I also bartend/wait tables for extra cash. In between Dabble classes, I practice what I learn through Dabble, as of late I’ve been working on my painting and knitting skills.

And what did you always want to be when you grew up? Are you living that dream?

When I was a kid I wanted to be either an astronaut or an architect. I’d like to think that I’m a web architect of sorts, so yes, I’d say I’m living my childhood dream in a way.

How long have you been shooting photography and what kind of camera do you use?

Ready for this? I’ve been “dabbling” in photography since college. My friend decided to minor in photography and because I thought she was so cool, I decided to minor in photography as well. I only took film and darkroom courses but it was such a great experience. I have so much respect for professional photographers, especially those that shoot weddings, it takes a lot of patience and of course, talent. Right now I use a Canon 5D Mark ii and I am obsessed with it. I just read the spec sheet for the new mark iii and was drooling all over the paper.

What inspires your creativity?

I’m a lifestyle blogger so I definitely garner a ton of creativity from the blogosphere and other bloggers. However, offline, I get all my inspiration from making things with my hands. That is why I love Dabble so much, not only do I get to learn new ways to create, I also get to meet other creative people who share the same thinking.

Taken any Dabble classes that have been particularly inspiring or fun to shoot?

The most fun class to shoot thus far has been the block printing class, there was a lot of action and hubbub that made it easy to walk around and catch some fun action shots but there was also a lot of sitting and drawing and carving that gave it the perfect balance of brainstorming and actual creating.

What’s on the deck as far as classes you’re attending?

I’m trying to further my knitting skills because I’d like to use those skills for Christmas presents, so I’m taking a few of those. I’m also really stoked about an upcoming class on making your own wood cutting board. Wood working is something I’ve always wanted to try.

Random: What’s on your dream plate of nachos?

Ooh, let’s see… some melted brie, guacamole and maybe some portobello mushrooms.

Any sage advice you’d like to offer up to potential Dabble photogs?

Make sure to let everyone in class know that you are there to learn as well. If they see you as a classmate rather than a photographer, they will be more comfortable and you’ll get more natural shots.


We love getting to know Dee, and we love that she’s able to help us out in such an important way! If you’ve got working knowledge of a DSLR and want to Dabble to your heart’s content in exchange for taking great snapshots, shoot an email to meghan@dabble.co with a little bit about yourself and your experience.