SO, we have something to admit. In light of being named as IDEO’s newest Startup-in-Residence, we’re beginning to feel things we haven’t felt in a very long time.

We’re beginning to feel … back to school jitters!

Do you remember those? That once-a-year occasion when you woke up feeling OK about being seen in public with your family because you knew it meant you were getting some crisp Five-Star notebooks and a fresh pack of pens (the cool ones with the grips!) via a day of back to school shopping? That nervous habit of checking your class schedule once, twice, three times over to make sure you knew your way to class? The butterflies that crept into your stomach as you laid out your first day of school outfit (the delicate balance of put together, but not trying too hard) and tucked yourself into bed early for a change? Well … check, check and check.

The days are winding down until we move into our new home-away-from-home for a three month whirlwind of learning, absorbing and collaborating with some of the sharpest minds around. And we couldn’t be more giddy or excited! We hope you’ll stick with us as we share updates of our progress, and along the way we’d love your feedback and input. We’re excited to work towards a better Dabble for all of you fine folks who appreciate learning (and the back to school jitters that come with it) as much as we do.

And P.S.

Though we loved our formal education experiences, it has to be said that our new lunchroom (pictured above) beats the heck out of that ol’ rundown linoleum joint we flocked to in grade school, don’t ya think? Hopefully the folks at IDEO will let us sit with them … even if we forget to wear pink on Wednesdays ;).