Dabble – How it works from Dabblehq on Vimeo.

Welcome to the New Student Orientation Guide! It’s less scary than the first day of high school, pinky promise. Below you’ll find a collection of pointers and suggestions for how to get started on the Dabble site.

What is Dabble all about?

Dabble is a network of local makers, thinkers & hobby collectors aiming to defy the conventions of the traditional classroom. Whether it’s a beer brewing workshop in a hobbyist’s garage, a cupcake decorating class at your corner coffee shop, or somewhere in between, we believe that anyone can teach or learn a passion from anywhere in the world. So shake up your routine and try something new– the best memories are made at the edge of your comfort zone!

How do I sign up for a class?

There’s three easy steps to finding your perfect class:

1. Go to Dabble and select the city closest to you

2. Browse the list of available classes, or sort through tags to get to the good stuff. You can filter classes by neighborhood, days of the week, class categories + more.

3. Click “Register” and you’re done!

And don’t forget that Dabble classes are more fun with a friend! You can bring up to 10 buddies to your Dabble class by simply selecting the number of guests from the drop down menu on the check out page.

How do I know if a class is right for me?

You can determine whether or not a class is right for you by asking yourself the following things:

1. Does the class date, time & location work with my schedule?

2. Is this topic something that interests me?

3. What do the teacher reviews say?

What if I want to teach a class?

If you’d like to share your skill by teaching a Dabble class, let us start by giving you a virtual high five! You don’t need to have any fancy certificates to be a great Dabble teacher, just a passion to share and the confidence to explain it to someone else. We’ve got a number of resources to help you plan your class, but why don’t you start by submitting your class proposal here?

Some things to keep in mind:

-Vote on Classes: If your city class roster is looking kind of spare, you can help us by indicating which classes you’d most like to take. Clicking the “I’m In” button on Coming Soon Classes indicates your interest in seeing that class on the site. We’ll take the classes with the most votes and find teachers who can show you the ropes, then email you directly as soon as a class goes live!

-Suggest A Class: If you have a suggestion for a kick-ass class you’d like to see happen, send us a tip by suggesting a class. And don’t forget to nominate a teacher or company we should reach out to that might be able to teach!

-Trusted Teacher: Trusted Teachers are individuals who come highly rated by our Dabble students. Leave a review and feedback after your class to ensure future students get the best class experience.

-Notables Classes: Notables Classes are premium Dabble classes taught by micro-celebrities in your community. Have a hometown hero in mind who you’re dying to learn from? Nominate them here! [notables@dabble.co]

-Dabble Memberships: It won’t take long after you try your first Dabble class that you realize they’re quite addicting! If you’d like to save yourself some money on a whole heap’o’classes each month, check out one of our two Membership options.

-Unique URLS: Share Dabble with your friends by posting your unique URL code. When your friends sign up for a class, you each get $5 off!

-Refund Policy: Sign up for a class and then realize you can’t make it? Check out our refund policy here.

I still have questions. Help!

You can check out our FAQ page, or send us an email at hello@dabble.co.

Happy Dabbling!