It’s Friday, so we’ll keep it brief. We’ve sat down with Social Media Expert Aalap Shah for a quick chat on his inspiration, his family and his LinkedIn Optimization class.

What inspired you to begin teaching Social Media Classes on Dabble?

My inspiration for teaching? – I love to show & tell – haha, more importantly, I love talking about my experiences and teaching others how to leverage social media to meet their goals (be it sales, revenue, or traffic).

Can you give us a taste of what students will be learning in your LinkedIn Optimization class? Why should they take it?

What my students will learn is how to create rockstar status profiles and attract leads (or jobs) to their like a magnet – more specifically, they’ll learn how to talk about themselves and do a bit of self pr to get the results that they want.

What’s the best part about living in Chicago?

The summer

How do you juggle hobbies and careers and find work / life balance?

A lot of what helps provide me that balance is working out and spending some time focused inwards during that time to remember what’s important and what I’m working so hard for. It helps to keep things in perspective and to push me to work more efficiently to free up time to do things that I love!

And just for fun … What’s the first thing you would do today if it were your last day on earth?

This is a bit cheesy, but, I have a six month old daughter. The first & last thing (and everything in the middle) I would do if it was my last day is hold her, make silly faces at her, hear her laugh & watch her giggle.


To sign up for Aalap’s latest Linked In Optimization class, click here.

Aalap Shah is the chief social media consultant for SoMe Connect. He offers a robust line of Social Media classes, helping you figure out everything from Twitter for Business to SEO and beyond. Check out Aalap’s site here, or sign up for one of his Dabble classes!