Allie LeFevere is here to grant you the career of your dreams. Okay, she might not actually be able to wave a magic wand and do that, but she CAN show you how to write the superstar resume that’ll outshine the competition and put you on the right path. We sat down for a superquick chat about unbuttoning your resume, finding work / life balance, and being a 60’s flower-child at heart.

What can students expect from your Dabble class?

I’ve reviewed, written and shuddered at thousands of resumes and I know what’s bad, good and friggen’ great. Most people scan your resume for 5 seconds or less before advancing or tossing it, so students can expect to walk away with the ability to write a kick-ass resume that people will ACTUALLY read.  And I won’t just give lofty generalizations and leave you to fend for yourself, I’ll give action-oriented steps you can take to immediately go home and rock your resume AND cover letter post-class.

What will students never expect about your Dabble class?

I may come from the corporate world, but I’m far from stuffy or buttoned-up. Sarcasm and creativity are my forte, so I promise to take the ‘this is boring as hell’ out of resume writing. And depending on class size, I’ll live critique (nicely of course) the resume of a brave soul who is willing to offer his/her resume up for me to rip it to shreds.  Half kidding.

If your class were the lovechild of two other things, who / what would they be?

Psych 101 meets Advanced Business Strategies meets Hunger Games.  Bring your A game.

How do you juggle your career and hobbies and find work / life balance?

I keep them aligned!  The work I do is my passion.  I was sick of having a “job”, so I jumped ship from my previous corporate gig and leaped into my purpose. Now work doesn’t feel like work, because it used to be my hobby!  I have a mad passion for healthy living and creating a vibrant life, so I keep that (and having fun) an absolute priority. Life’s too short to do something you don’t love.

And just for fun … If you could live in another time period what would it be and why?

Easy. The 60s.  Peace, love and tree-hugging is my jam.


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Allie LeFevere has reviewed and critiqued the resumes of thousands of individuals from Top MBA Schools and Fortune 500 companies across the globe; eventually hiring the top performers and individuals bound for success. Currently, she works at the Chicago start-up, KLUTCHclub, as their VP of Community Engagement.