This week has been a crazy one over here at the Dabble HQ. We moved into our new digs at Enerspace, celebrated a birthday, threw a soiree, met a Chicago celebrity (ABC7 news anchor Hosea Sanders!) and launched our new Dabble Memberships offering. Whew!

And now we’d like to introduce you to the cherry on top of this amazing week– our newest Dabble collaborator, Erin. She’ll be holding down the fort for the Mile High City as she takes a series of classes for her Be Creative project.

Read below to get to know her a bit better, and be sure to leave a warm welcome in the comments, mmkay?!


Hey Erin! Care to tell us a little bit about yourself and how you found your way to Dabble?

Hi, there! I’m a Denver native who loves art, creativity, and – mostly importantly – the blogging. I spent my school days learning about art history, earning a B.A. and M.A. in the subject. After (quickly) realizing the museum world was not for me, I started a blog called artsocial for people who seriously love art, but also appreciate a fun, lighthearted atmosphere splashed with a little pop of pizazz.

This year, I started a year-long project on artsocial dedicated entirely to sparking creativity. Over the course of 12 months, I will try 12 different methods for invoking inspiration… and blog about every great idea and road block along the way. February is all about having diverse experiences, which according to my research is very important for prompting new ideas. Enter: Dabble. I’m so excited to take some Dabble classes that are completely outside of my field of expertise… and comfort zone :/

When you’re not charming the pants off of fellow Dabble students, what do you do in your 9-5?

Omigosh, guys. I recently quit my 9-5! Now I blog full-time over at artsocial and could not be happier that I took this leap of faith to follow a career path that felt more authentic. Gotta follow those dreams, kids.

…Is that what you always wanted to do when you grew up? Discuss.

I didn’t even know what a blog was until a few years ago (shhh)! But I was always interested in art and being creative. I think that will always be in my life in some form or another.

What kind of learner are you, and how do you think that’ll affect your class experiences?

I’m very visual and lurrve examples – the more demonstrations and cleverly-designed handouts, the better.

You have 140 characters to sell your blog, ArtSocial. Go!

Artsocial is a place for talking about art in a smart, yet accessible way as well as a forum for discussing creativity & happiness.

If you could order custom superpowers to help you on your Be Creative journey, what would they be and why?

Ohh man… psychic powers would be super helpful. That way I’d already know which methods would spark those great ideas without having to experiment. Can you tell I have a hard time with uncertainty? This year is going to be SO good for me.

What Dabble classes are on your horizon, and which of the bunch scares you the most?

For February I’ll be taking…

Self-Reflexology for Stress Relief
Baking 101: High Altitude

I think the baking class scares me the most – is that weird?? I’m not good in the kitchen… and baking is such an exact science. I have anxiety already.

Oh! and these upcoming classes sound uh-mazing: Beer Brewing, Cupcake Decorating, and Scotch Tasting. I can’t wait to get started, learn something new, spark my creativity, and, of course, tell you guys everything.


Erin Cassidy is the blogging maven behind your new favorite blog, ArtSocial. This year she embarked on a mission to step outside her comfort zone and expand her creative horizons, so she’s teaming up with Dabble to do just that. Follow her chronicles as she conquers class after class in Denver, and be sure to check her elsewhere on the interwebs at Facebook, on Twitter & on Instagram @erin_artsocial.