Think back to the last time you had to make a tough decision. If you are the advice seeking type, you have invariably been told, “”follow your heart or “do what feels right,” because after-all, you know yourself best. But I’ve often wondered, how do I actually do this?

I’ve followed my heart before and it’s been wrong. I’ve made decisions I thought were terrific that turned out terrible. The point is, I don’t always trust myself to make decisions just by virtue of me being me. It’s not enough! Thankfully there’s a class that sets out to prove, through practical application, you know yourself best.

Sunday afternoon’s “Connect To and Enjoy Your Intuition” class was all about getting to know yourself. In the two hour class we were led in several intuition based meditations. We learned intuition is a receptive occurrence, which means it is internal, still and non-aggressive. In order to listen to your intuition you need to be present. And to be present you need to connect your mind and spirit, to your body.

So now we’re back to clichéd Pinterest wisdom, “live in the moment!” “Be here and now.” But, ready to combat my skepticism, our instructor, Elena, sprung into action and led us in several intuition-based meditations.

One of my favorite activities, was a guided mediation led by Elena. I’ve never had much success with meditation but this exercise felt different. Me and the other students sat firmly but relaxed in folding chairs, our hands on our laps. We closed our eyes and I let myself focus only on Elena’s words. “If you find yourself getting distracted, tell yourself, ‘this exercise will benefit me,’” she told us once or twice throughout the meditation.

You know yourself best, but you have to work at it. Connect to your body and you’ll have an easier time centering your mind. Some of the best and easiest advice Elena gave us was to take 3-5 minutes out of your day to meditate, focus on your breathing in a quiet and private space. Make this part of your routine and you’re on the path to trusting your intuition and living in the moment.


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