We love Kandy Christensen’s designer eye and kind heart. She’s wowed all her students, getting glowing reviews like these: “[Kandy] made each project seem so easy and doable. She took away fear of making a mistake or messing up something and gave ideas which some of us hadn’t thought about!” and “She’s patient and REALLY knows her stuff.”

We had a chance to chat with Kandy. Check it out below. Meantime, on her own blog, she talks about why she dabbles.

Interview with Meandering Design

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How did you get started with your class topic?

Initially when I started Meandering Design our focus was on eco-fashion. I teach another Dabble class called Wardrobe Revamp. A little while ago I spoke at Ignite Chicago, which encourages you to speak about something you are passionate about. I chose to speak about Ray and Charles Eames and the importance of good design. Afterwards people came up to me and asked if I was an interior designer. While I am not an interior designer, I realized that I have a lot of knowledge based on years of research and experience to share.

Why do you teach with Dabble?

I teach with Dabble because I love to teach. It is wonderful to have a space where I can share my knowledge and passion with others. I also teach because Dabblers are amazing and inspiring people and they are a joy to teach.

How do you approach work/life balance?

I work full-time and run my business and Dabble part-time so my days are often quite full. I finally learned to schedule nothing on Sundays. My every day is over-scheduled, and having one day where I don’t have to dash somewhere or be on a time schedule makes it possible for me to get everything else done. I usually work on Sundays, but I don’t impose any deadlines. Plus this introvert needs a people-free day each week!

What’s on your list of things to Dabble in?

What’s not on my list of things to Dabble in?! Let’s see… I am taking “Technical Drawing for Fashion Design.” I really want to take Joseph Budka’s woodworking class. I’ve also heard great things about Rajiv Nathan’s “Nailing your Elevator Pitch.” I’ve taken a glass fusion class at Chicago Glass Collective and want to go back and take the glass bead class. And I crochet but I really want to learn how to knit.