We’ve fallen in love with Szewai’s classes over the past year. Her students rave, her classes all have the coveted BYOB status and she comes up with fun stuff. BYOB Ugly Sweater Salsa dancing anyone? Anyways, we sat down with Szewai to get the scoop on her Dabble experience and more. Enjoy!

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” – Margaret Fuller

Interview with Duet Dance Studio

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Dabble: Why do you teach dance classes?

Szewai: I knew I was going to be a dance teacher after my first ballet class at the age of 4. It might sound crazy to you but my dance teacher has inspired me so much that I wanted to become a person just like her. And the joy and freedom I experienced in my dance class made me want to tell everyone about it. It’s like showing my favorite toy to my friends. “Check this out! It’s so cool!” It’s that simple. Having taught ballroom dancing for 7 years, I found that the more I teach, the more passionate about dancing and teaching I become.  By sharing my knowledge in dance and love for dance with my students, I learn more about the art form and get more inspired to become better at what I do everyday.

Dabble: What’s fun? What’s challenging?

Szewai: Not many people have had formal dance training growing up. And particularly for guys, social dancing can be very intimidating and nerveracking. One of the most challenging things for me as a dance teacher is to help my students overcome the fear of dancing. I’ve met many people coming to their first dance classes looking nervous and claiming that they had “two left feet.” What usually happens is that they struggle a little in the beginning of the class and end up finding their “right foot,” feeling a sense of accomplishment, and even getting excited about their future dance classes. The ultimate joy of teaching for me is to see the smiles on my students’ faces and hear how much fun they’ve had learning to ballroom dance!

Dabble: What has your experience been like with Dabble students? 

Szewai:Unlike any other event listing websites, Dabble has successfully cultivated a platform where people get to explore new interests, overcome fears, develop friendships, and discover new passions. What I love about Dabblers is that they cherish the opportunities to learn new things and are always ready to have fun and meet new people! Both learning and teaching get easier when people are open minded and supportive of each other. I’m so happy that I found Dabble and feel grateful to be a part of this growing community.

A bit about the amazing Szewai Lee … 

Voted as one of Chicago Top 5 Dance Teachers 2013 by Art Intercepts, Szewai (C-Y) has been sharing the joy of partner dance since 2006. She is the founder of Duet Dance Studio, a Chicago dance studio that offers Latin, ballroom and wedding dance instruction and hosts BYOB dance parties. Szewai believes partner dancing has the power to connect people and bring people closer. Besides dancing, she enjoys discovering hidden gems in the city, finding great music and making short videos about people and things that inspire her.