We are seeing new growth and new horizons for the Dabble team so we went out and found rockstar talent to grow with us and help Dabble reach its fullest potential! They’ve been with us for a month, and serve as Community Mangers in Chicago – Lindsey with a focus on corporate partnerships & Eva with a focus on market development. Welcome to the Dabble family!

IMG_0425_2Name: Lindsey Fox

My superpowers are: Making a delicious meal out of anything in the kitchen at anytime, seeing the positives in challenging situations, & the ability to cut a straight line or circle without a guide.

I currently Dabble in: pancake making, Living a Life of Yes!, & running.

The Art of Pancake Making was the very first Dabble class I attended in April 2013. Ever since then I was hooked…on pancakes & Dabble. Pancakes are my go-to late night snack. The most inspirational class I’ve taken, Living a Life of Yes!, sparked me to take an exciting and scary leap – to leave my job, which I was no longer learning or growing at. That class helped me realize that the uncertainty involved in the risk of following my heart felt more right than the false sense of security my stifling routine provided. And most recently I began easing into 5K, and for someone who’s not a runner, the commitment to see this to completion has been challenging and rewarding.

I’d like to Dabble in: origami, puppy training, & motorcycle riding.

When I’m not Dabbling, you can find me: on Instagram, taking pictures of all the food I eat & make.

Favorite Chicago pizza: Spacca Napoli Pizzeria

Spirit Animal: Fox – duh

When I grow up, I want to: own a coffee shop.

One awesome thing about me: I’ve taken 14 Dabble classes over the past 18 months! That’s a lot of new skills!

Best Piece of Advice: The Universe would not squander your talents & abilities.


Eva Caroline Lindpaintner

My superpowers are: an invincible appetite, the ability to fall asleep anywhere at any time, and supernatural capacity to listen to podcasts (‘sup, Ira).

I currently Dabble in: glass-blowing, boozy brunches, and clay play!

I’d like to Dabble in: knife skills and knife throwing (please don’t read into this too much)

When I’m not Dabbling, you can find me: on the Pilates apparatus, playing with my neighbor’s dog, or working at Kitchfix as their Customer Experience Manager.

Favorite Chicago pizza: Lou Malnetti’s – basic cheese and their salad, although I barely ever have room for it

Spirit Animal: Raccoon (suggested by my roommate, since I frequently scavenge her leftovers)

When I grow up, I want to be: just like my mom.

One awesome thing about me: I have three different passports! Betcha can’t guess which three…

Best Piece of Advice: Have confidence -or- Don’t go to the grocery store hungry -or- Don’t apply makeup after a few drinks