As we settle into winter and the recent fall-back of daylight savings, autumn is officially folding into winter. This means less sunshine, more layers, and for some, seasonal stress.

A recent blog post floating around my newsfeed details author Iris’s annual struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder, and suggests 13 great ideas for combating the way cold can affect your mood. Many of them, like “10. Cute Animals. Cute Animal Videos.” are sound advice for any season, but if you think you could benefit from a little less hibernation this winter, Dabble is here to help you out.

Here are some of Iris’s ideas, and a few classes that fit the bill:

“3. Move my body around.” Exercise is a definite mood-booster, especially when you combine that exercise with education. Many neuroscientists suggest that those exercises that combine cardio and coordination, such as martial arts or dancing, actually strengthen and increase neural pathways in your brain. Dip a toe into this 4-Week Salsa Dancing Course or try your hand at fencing for more agile body, a more agile brain, and a happier winter.

“5. Stay warm.” Have I mentioned that Chicago is very, very cold? With such fierce winters, it can’t hurt to dig through your closet for armor. Turn old looks into new layers with this class that dedicated to recycling and mending old clothing!

“13. Experiment. The other day I had the thought – what if, instead of buying lipstick and beer when I want to spoil myself, I bought plants?” Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to forgo a little greenery. Bring outside in with the Nature Museum’s Terrarium Workshop, or even by framing your own Pencilled Plant.

“9. Make things.We’ve got you covered.