Whether the reason is wintry torrents, that BYOB Dabble class you just left, or maybe just the urge to make a new friend, sometimes the best option is to hitch a ride. To help get you home safe, we wanted to make an introduction: Dabblers, meet Lyft.

A carpooling app that connects you with nearby drivers, Lyft is less like a cab service and more like catching a ride with a new friend. In the year-and-change since I moved to Chicago, Lyft drivers have offered me everything from conversation to counsel to candy. A wee-hours Lyft ride home turned out to be the highlight of my New Year’s Eve. A Lyft driver taking me to a big interview coached me into yelling in her car, “THIS JOB IS MINE!” (I got the gig, too.)

We want to pass along this kind of mobile friendship, which is why we’ve teamed up with the app! New Lyft users can use the code “DABBLEROCKS” and get $10 toward their first Lyft ride. Click this link and enter your phone number. Then, when you receive a text prompting you to download the Lyft app, give it the OK and it will download auto-populated with the Dabble perks!

We know Dabblers like new experiences. Getting a Lyft to and from your next class? That’s taking an experience to an experience before an experience.

Dabble on, and Happy Lyfting!