Last month we delivered the exciting scoop that we were helping you hitch rides through our partnership with Lyft. Now get hitched with another Dabble Partner, Project Fixup! Just when the wintry cold made you want to cozy up with someone new, Fixup is here with a refreshing twist on the online dating model: that is, the dating is offline.

When I take a Dabble class, half the fun is in meeting new people with shared interests: locals with a passion for learning and the adventurous spirit to try anything once. Matchmakers at Fixup are after the same like-minded chemistry. When you join, you’ll fill out a survey of interests, deal-makers and -breakers, add a photo, and leave the matchmakers to set you up on a date. It’s like you’re being set up by a friend, except this friend is a professional.

If you join, you’ll have the chance to meet someone new over craft cocktails, coffee, tacos, or maybe even a Dabble class. We love adventure, and want to bring a little more your way. Got a class in mind? Tell us which of our classes would be best to fix you up here!