photo 4.PNGI was intrigued at first sight. Photos on wood blocks? How is this possible? I just had to take this class and find out the secret to this magic. And magic it was indeed as Jessica Stanek led us Dabblers through the process, and my photo began to appear on the wood block before my eyes!

Since part of the process involves a 24-hour drying time, we emailed Jessica our photo in advance and she prepped the first step at home. When we arrived at the class, our photo was on the wood block and ready for us to wet and rub off the paper. I was so nervous to rub my photo off of the wood block entirely, but with Jessica’s reassurance, I worked away at it and soon my photo was alive on the wood block! Then we sealed the block and chatted while we waited for it to dry.

photo 3.PNG

I thought that I would take this class and give the project to someone as a gift. But after the class I loved it so much that I kept it for myself and have been getting compliments on it from everyone who comes to my home.

Dabblers are so fun and interesting that I met some really cool people in this class! So go solo or bring a friend and get to craftin’ in this DIY class. Just don’t procrastinate, her last four classes SOLD OUT! Register here.


Quick Questions:

Come to this class with…your friend who thinks they can’t do a DIY project – they will happily impress themselves! Or your Valentine…what a fun date!

Use this class to…make a one-of-a-kind gift. Or keep it for yourself like I did, we promise we won’t tell.

You’d be surprised that…you can make this project on your own! Jessica lays out the exact materials you’ll need to accomplish this at home. And since you’ve done it once with the expert, you’ll prevent a Pinterest fail!

Come prepared with…your photo emailed to the teacher in advance.

Appropriate hashtag…#WoodPhotoTransferMagic #PreventPinterestFails

What to do in the area…grab some tasty eats or a hot drink at Little Goat Diner, celebrate your DIY success with one of Haymarket Pub’s many, many beers, or get the best burger in the West Loop at Au Cheval (seriously…Thrillest told us so).