10649954_822849984402186_5639324137628790799_nSpoked Bikes and Stuff is a new bike shop that recently opened on Cherokee. “But we’re so much more than just a bike shop,” explains owner Matt Hartman. It’s a place where people can gather and be like a part of a community. It’s a place where cyclists, from beginner to expert, can come and feel welcomed. From offering exceptional small batch coffee to hand picked casual clothing that is designed with the cyclists in mind, Spoked Bikes and Stuff is not just a bike shop, it’s a lifestyle destination. Spoked Bikes and Stuff is the everyday everyman’s bike shop.

Spoked is offering a beginner bike repair class in March which you can sign up for here.

How long have you been living in St. Louis? I grew up here but lived in Seattle for about four years. That’s where I got really into cycling.

What did you do before opening up Spoked Bikes & Stuff?  I’ve worked in various bike shops for the past five years. My business partner Shane has been working in this industry for about the past 12-15 years. He is also the head Roastmaster for Mississippi Mud Coffee. I almost opened up a shop a few times in the last few years but it just didn’t feel like the right time.

This time around, a few friends and investors approached me and said that Cherokee Street needed a shop and I was the man for the job. I knew I couldn’t do it alone so I called in Shane Mosby. We had a lot support from the community, so I was like cool, lets do this. I’m so thankful for all of the support surrounding the shop.

What makes Spoked Bikes & Stuff a different kind of bike shop?  We take a lot more time choosing the brands and vendors we want to work with. We like working with brands that we can give product feedback and collaborate with. When we do work with bigger brands, we make sure that we have a close relationship.

We like being more personable and I think that shows with our customers. For example, we offer customers a beer or coffee when they come into the shop. We like feeling that we are providing an opportunity for the customer to experience the lifestyle. I think we have a very interesting space and we want to make it feel like you’re not just filling through random products on shelves. We’re not just a place to get cycling gear, but a community where you can come and hangout.

What made you want to have your shop on Cherokee? Cherokee is a very strong community. From the first day I went to a Cherokee Street Business Association meeting, I instantly felt like part of a family. Everyone on Cherokee was asking how they could help us out.

When you’re not working or cycling, what could we find you Dabbling in? That’s hard to say because there’s so much cycling in my life, I pretty much live here at the shop, it seems. All of my friends are cyclists, too. It’s just what we do. I used to play music a lot, actually. I was in a couple metal bands in Seattle and did a couple video and music projects when I moved back to St. Louis.

What is something you would want to learn? I would like to learn some really elegant wood working, leather or other textile skills. Something that is really functional.

How does cycling in Seattle differ from cycling here in St. Louis? Seattle’s infrastructure is better than St. Louis’ but St. Louis is becoming way more cyclist friendly. Some of the new plans rolling out in St. Louis will be making a huge difference. We want it to be a lot safer. For example we want kids to be able to ride their bikes to school. We just need a lot more cyclists on the ground – power in numbers.

Spoked Bikes and Stuff  | www.spokedbikes.com | 2716 Cherokee St. | 314.875.0368