KellyToday’s Dabble Drop-In is brought to you by guest blogger, Kelly Fox! (Full disclosure, yes, Kelly is my favorite sister.)

Kelly’s a quilting lawyer who tries to fit 26-hours worth of fun into each day. She’s lived in Logan Square for the past 10 years, but likes to be crafty all over town. Also known as a Super Dabbler, Kelly’s taken about 15 Dabble classes and she LOVES Dabbling! You can find Kelly on Pinterest – she has over 8,400 followers and tons of crafty, useful, & interesting pins!

Kelly loves the ability to jump into a skill/craft she’s admired without having to buy all the equipment first – this way she can see if it’s something she’d like (and get some great instruction) without having to spend a lot of money herself first if it’s something she’s not realistically going to do at home later. Kelly also loves getting together with friends to take Dabble classes and loves meeting the great community of Dabblers who show up to class!

And now, we turn it over to Kelly:


“I love the look of linoleum block printmaking, and it seemed like something I could theoretically do at home later if I had a little instruction at the outset, so I signed up. I also got a friend to sign up with me and it was fun to be in an artistic setting with her because I know her from a completely different context.

The class was held in Katie’s home, which is an artistic paradise and perfectly set up to facilitate classes. (In fact, she had a ceramic plate painting class going on at the same time, but was easily able to transition between each and provide hands-on guidance to both.) Turns out Katie is a high school 3-D arts teacher and it totally shows through her fabulous, patient teaching and gentle, guiding suggestions (as well as reminders about the timetable we should be following for drawing/carving/printing).


Check out the next Card Printing, Linoleum Block Printmaking class or view all the classes taught by Katie Netti here.

Katie Netti has been teaching classes on Dabble since February 2014, is a Top-Rated Teacher, & has taught about 100 Dabblers so far. Katie works under the umbrella Urban Oil Ceramics, for all artisan goods and designs she creates and focuses on sophisticated designs that use natural materials and found objects for her work. All of her products are entirely handmade and unique. Although based out of Chicago (Logan Square), Urban Oil and its products are all available for shipping from her website in addition to their availability in local stores. From a jewelry making work-space, a ceramic glazing station or a book binding shop, her studio changes to accommodate the class type.


Dabble Drop-In: Tips For Card Printing, Linoleum Block Printmaking class:

Come to this class with… An idea of what you want to carve and some printed inspirational images to use elements from. (Also, the concurrently-running ceramics class was BYOB, so mimosas could be fun with this class too as long as you can still do detail work!)

Use this class to… Be amazed with your own crafty skills. I’m crafty in general, but could hardly believe that I not only carved but then printed something amazing – and it was easier than I thought it would be! Can you trace a drawing and then follow those lines with a sharp tool? Then you too can do this with Katie’s direction – I swear it!

You’d be surprised that… Newer linoleum printing blocks are of a vastly easier material to carve than in years past where the linoleum was akin to that on your grandmother’s kitchen floor – the old linoleum blocks needed to be microwaved to heat it in order to make it softer to carve!

Come prepared with… An idea of what you want to carve and some printed inspirational images to use elements from. Also, although you’re unlikely to get paint on you, and it is water-based and washable, don’t wear your favorite jeans.

Appropriate hashtag… #creativecarving


What to do in the area… Check out Ground Control (3315 W. Armitage) for brunch before class (check their hours though!). Vegetarian and vegan friendly, but delightful for all.

To continue your artsy pursuits after class, check out the Beauty & Brawn Art Gallery and Think Space (3501 W Fullerton Ave) and immediately across the street is the Logan Square Resale Shop (3444 W. Fullerton), a small thrift store that’s flying under the radar – for now.

If you take a class later in the afternoon and are looking for dinner and cocktails after, check out Scofflaw (3201 West Armitage), known for their gin cocktails in particular.


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