Hello, Denver! With Father’s Day coming up quick, it’s time you up your game and give Dad what he wants: Quality time with you and coffee…or welding! Or heck, any of the awesome classes below! Don’t delay, we’re sure these classes will fill up quick…

Welding Basics:

Wednesday, June 17th: 7-9 pm


If your Dad is like mine, he’ll be stoked to Fusing metal together with electricity. In the first part of this class you will learn an overview of welding: a short history of welding, different types of welding, safety and essential tools and equipment. The second part of the class will be a demonstration of MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding. Finally, you will have a chance to try it out for yourself! Go get it, Denver!

Coffee Cupping and Tasting:

Saturday, June 20th: 10:30-1 pm


Is your Pops a coffee fanatic and he wants to know more about what goes into making a great cup of joe? This class will cover Coffee Cupping, which is what roasters and buyers go through when choosing coffees. You and your Dad will learn how to describe taste, locations on your palate, and learn how to identify defects and roasting problems. Best part? You get to treat Dad to some fantastic coffee and spend quality time with him!

Mozzarella in 30 Minutes!:

Thursday June 18th: 6 – 7.30 pm


Grab your Pops and learn the quick and fun process of mozzarella. This hands-on class will have you and Dad creating cheese in 30 minutes, and can even supply you with the materials you’ll need to make more cheese at home (Father’s Day pizza, anyone?). Leave with cheese and one happy Dad! Secure your spot here.


Wine Tasting and Making

Saturday, June 20th: 3 – 5.30 pm

wine tasting

Is your Dad a wannabe wine connoisseur or just a self-proclaimed enthusiast? This in-depth class will not only break down the structure of a grape and learn what happens in making traditional Red, White and Sparkling wines, but you’ll sample plenty of varieties, and then starting wine kits in class to start making your own. A mere 40 days later, you’ll return with Dad to bottle the wine and everyone will take home 12 bottles of handcrafted vino! This Dad’s Day gift is a win-win so book now!

Learn How to Screen Print:

Saturday June 20th: 2:30 – 4:30 pm

screen printing

Does your Dad need a cool customized shirt this year? In this class, you and your Pops will learn how screen printing works, and you will get to print your very own item! You’ll learn your way around the equipment and materials, getting your artwork ready, preparing and burning the screen, reclaiming the screen, and using the equipment to print the design on a special item. This is a great pre-dinner event for Father’s Day, and your Dad will appreciate creating something with his own two hands! Check it out, here!

Share your Dad’s Day pics with us on Instagram at @dabbledenver, and Happy Father’s Day!