dhaeaWelcome back to Super Dabbler! This series highlights a Dabbler who has taken a lot of Dabble classes and caught up with them to find out what inspires them to keep Dabbling.

Dhaea Kang has taken 19 Dabble classes! That’s a lot of trying something new!

Dhaea is a singer songwriter who works as a child domestic violence advocate by day. She loves writing, singing, reading, and learning new things.  You can follow her musical adventures on Facebook.

How did you find out about Dabble? Why do you love Dabbling? I found out about dabble through a friend’s roommate. There was this awesome ceramic plate sitting on their coffee table and I asked where she had bought it… turned out she had made it herself at a Dabble class! I love Dabbling because I love learning and exploring new things, yet I have a hard time committing to longer-term, regularly scheduled classes due to my work schedule. I also love that I’ve learned to do things that I wouldn’t have sought out otherwise, like making kombucha!


Kombucha 101: Make Fermented Tea at Home with Dan Shirley


Finish this sentence, “When I’m not Dabbling, you can find me… Writing and playing music, tending to my patio garden, doing yoga, gathering with friends, or checking out random happenings in the neighborhood…

What has been your favorite Dabble class? It’s hard to choose just one, but what came to mind was knife throwing! It was a super fun experience and I went out and bought my own set of knives after the class (now I just have find a place to practice on the regular…)

What would you like to Dabble in? Hmm nothing in particular comes to mind… I think there’s a pretty good selection of classes on Dabble already.

partner_yoga (1)

Partner Yoga & Bodywork with Andrea Klunder


What is something you learned in the last week? I went to a (non-Dabble) boxing class and learned I was really out of shape.

What are your superpowers? Interacting with children.

If we came over for dinner what would you prepare for us? Garlic lemon & herb roasted vegetables & pan-fried salmon or tilapia.

Wine Bottle Terrarium (1) (1)

Terrariums: Repurposing Liquor Bottles with Tina


A little known fact about yourself? I recently took a Myers-Briggs personality test and found out I’m 51% extrovert and 49% introvert… basically neither (or both?)

What is your favorite place to travel to? Virginia, to visit my sister and baby nephew.

If you could get anyone to teach a Dabble class, who would it be and what would you want to learn from them? Shel Silverstein- a children’s book writing workshop would be really neat.


Sheldon Allan “Shel” Silverstein (September 25, 1930 – May 10, 1999) was an American poet, singer-songwriter, cartoonist, screenwriter, and author.

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