Quick and Dirties:

Newest City Launched: Asheville, NC

New Class: Mouse Taxidermy Class, Brooklyn, NY

Trending on Pinterest, soon to be on Dabble: Floral Monograms

Article We’re Buzzing About: 2015 Is A Strong Year for Startups, Forbes

Catch Us On TV: Dabble and some of our incredible teachers will be on ABC Chicago’s Windy City Live, THIS Wednesday from 11-12pm!


Mouse Taxidermy Class, photo courtesy of Amber Maykut

 What a week in the world of Dabble – and we mean world! We’re busy translating our site into Spanish, had a request to launch Dabble in London (we’re hear you, London and will see you soon!), and are gearing up for our TV appearance on Windy City Live Wednesday.

It’s busy, but we wanted to keep you in the loop and give you a sneak peek at what’s happening in other communities.

Knife Throwing has finally made it to St. Louis! Once only enjoyed in ChiTown, now our friends in The Lou can improve their hand-eye coordination in this BYOB class!

Dabblers in Savannah, Georgia can now learn how to color their hair at home with professional results.

We’re looking for more teachers in Austin, Texas, but in the meantime, brush up on your guitar playing in this class!

Passionate about yodeling? Insect pinning? Whiskey? Think you have what it takes to teach curious folks? Drop us a line at hello@dabble.co and tell us what you’d like to teach and where you live – we’re expanding rapidly and want you!