I’m buzzing about this next Dabble Talks. Christopher LaMere from Grainy Days Homebrew Store and I got to know each other when we co-sponsored Sesh Fest 2015 together. Sesh Fest is a session style beer festival held in the heart of Downtown Denver at Statue Park. We occupied a booth together to present the patrons of the festival a demo of how Dabble works through and through. Working together at the fest, we explained our partnership and how we help one another succeed. Christopher has created an immensely popular homebrew Dabble class which you can sign up for here. Here is a little bit about one of our favorite Dabble teachers. Cheers!

Can you tell the Dabblers out there a little about yourself?

My Brewing experienced started when I was 21 and my mom bought me a “brew your own” beer kit. As a DIY kind of person I couldn’t have asked for a better gift. I brewed a Chocolate stout for my first beer and the success of that first batch kept me going through all the failed batches that followed. It was due to the failed batches that I picked up every book I could like “How to Brew” from John Palmer and books on microbiology so I could better understand the science that balances the art of making craft beer.

I graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a Bachelors in Environmental Science, a passion for the outdoors and a love for beer. I came to Colorado in 2008 chasing the dream of deep powder and blue sky’s often finishing my adventures with a cold pint of craft beer. I started Grainy Days Homebrew Supply shop in 2013 from a dream tied to a shoe string, driven by the love of talking about beer and how its made I am still here talking about it every day.

How did you get started teaching?

Grainy Days got started teaching with Dabble because we were looking for a way to let the world of curious minds know that we wanted to share our knowledge with them. We wanted to provide an opportunity for people to come and see how you can actually make your own beer at home on the stove top. Not requiring thousands of dollars for high end equipment, often with very little initial cost. Dabble was not only able to provide a way for us to connect to the community but also made the process so simple (like registration) for everyone.

What do you do when you’re not teaching a beer brewing class?

When I am not teaching with Dabble or brewing a batch, I take full advantage of this great place we live! I like to go up to the mountains in the winter for skiing and summer for hiking and camping. Denver also has a great network of trails and bike paths, so I like to get out and ride or run depending on the day.

How has teaching your craft affected the way in which you conduct business?

Dabble has really allowed Grainy Days to extend our focus and reach for education. Being able to offer classes once a month is helping to develop new homebrewer’s or sometimes just a more knowledgeable consumer, both of which are good for the Craft Beer Industry as a whole. Grainy Days is always looking for ways to connect with our community and Dabble provides that for all of us, the teachers and the students.

What type of people have you met while teaching with Dabble?

Dabble has provided the opportunity for me to meet all kinds of people in our community. In one of the first classes we held there was a retired gentleman who had such an extraordinary life, having lived all over the world and finally settling in Denver a handful of years ago. At the time, he had come to the class he was retired and looking for something new to learn. He was not stopping with learning to brew beer, at the time of our class he had signed up for a gardening class the following week through Dabble and was talking about a cooking class he had seen offered through Dabble as well.

What other classes would you like to see on the Dabble class roster?

I think the next class I want to take is one I haven’t even thought of, and that’s why I love Dabble! The classes are so diverse and ridiculously unique.  There is such great talent out there in the area and I hope to see it continue to be shared through this amazing network of teachers and curious minds.

Visit Christopher at his brew supply shop Grainy Days Home Brew Supply : 12445 E. 39th Ave Building C #301 Denver CO, 80239. Get your WWW on here: http://www.mygrainydays.com/

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