From Amateur to Pro-Denverite: Top Places in Denver to Kick-start Your Photography Edge

You just unwrapped your brand new DSLR, placed your battery in the charging port, popped the SD card in the slot, and secured the lens in the socket. The excitement about finally getting your hands on your new DSLR camera is making you beam with excitement! You finally have this powerful tool of moment capturing technology resting at the end of your fingertips…but soon after the excitement, you hit a blank wall. Where should I go first? What kind of pictures should I take? What does this function do?

Sound familiar? Well, it sure does for me. When I got my DSLR, I was SO excited about starting my photography, but I couldn’t figure out where or what I wanted to photograph. I had all these ideas of what I wanted to see and shoot in Colorado, but most of them were tiny places in the middle of nowhere. So I had no choice but to work with what I had right in front of me: the streets of DENVER.

Denver is saturated with hundreds of unique, creatively appeasing spots. Some artsy, some rustic, some urban, and some I just fell in love with and I can’t tell you why. I started my photography journey with a list (a very basic list) of where I wanted to go around Denver and from there, my vision of capturing images began to swell…and as somewhat of an amateur photographer, I wanted to share that list with you!

So for all those amateur photographers dabbling in the city of Denver – here’s some cool spots to spark your creative Mile High edge.

1. Street Art in RiNo – If you walk down the streets of the new RiNo art district, you won’t be shy of street art. Every street tells a new story and every street paints a different flavor of talent. Take a peek around corners, down the side alleys, and even the back of buildings. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.59.53 AM

2. Colorado Sky – This one is probably the easiest one of them all. All you have to do is LOOK UP. Some of the most breath-taking sunsets I have ever seen have been right here in Denver. I have seen the skies roar with that vibrant Bronco Orange and other times I have seen the sky lightly painted with watercolor streaks of pink, orange, and reds.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.05.21 AM

3. Union Station – Trains can be cool too, right?! RIGHT. The recently remodeled Union Station has just the right mix of vintage and classy. This venue is the perfect place for you to explore your new love for black and white images. Capture the sign, the waiting passengers, the bar, or the modern décor or whatever steals your eye.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.05.31 AM

4. Red Rocks – The place all tourists and Denverites love, let’s be honest. Red Rocks is simply one of those places you will never find anywhere else. So it’s time to capitalize on it! Red Rocks is a place that looks absolutely awesome day in or night out. Running the rocks or rockin’ out at your favorite concert, make sure to bring your camera as your ultimate wingman.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.05.39 AM

5. Coors Field – Whether you’re there to support the Rockies or just to have a few ice-cold beer with some friends (the main reason I go), Coors field needs to make the list. The stadium, the field, and the breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains nestled in the backdrop lays out a Denver view you don’t want to miss.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.05.47 AM

6. Little Mans and Linger Sign – If you haven’t ventured to the LoHi area yet, it’s about time you do! You won’t want to miss the iconic Little Man’s milk container (that makes killer Ice Cream by the way) and the fluorescent blue Linger sign in the background…and when you’re done, treat yourself and make a quick ice cream pit stop.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.05.54 AM

7. Larimer Square – Fairy lights make everything seem cute and quaint, even down the streets of Denver. Fairy lights are draped across the street, creating a sweet night stroll ambiance. And if you’re lucky, you may be in time to catch Larimer Square draped in some other pretty cool things!

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.06.02 AM

8. Pumpkin Patch or Corn Fields – Even though this view is seasonal, it’s worth the stop. The linear pumpkin arrangement and cornrows push you explore your symmetrical (or asymmetrical) edge. Play around with your positioning – stand in the middle, get low on your knees, or put yourself in the corn. Take some close-up shots and some further out – the options are endless.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.06.12 AM

9. Anywhere in the Mountains – Take a trip to Vail or Telluride or even Evergreen! Make a point to get yourself out of the city for a little bit and let nature take its course. Sometimes you find the most unique and beautiful things in places you least expect it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.06.21 AM



Still have yet to explore….

1. Denver Brewery – Love Beer? Well now you can get excited because it’s time to practice your shooting AND drink a cold, crisp craft beer. Some people think good photography is picturesque landscapes, iconic landmarks, and portraits. But it’s not at all! If you want to take an epic of this delicious beer you are drinking, why not? Some of the favorite places around Denver include Denver Beer Company and Wynkoop Beer Company.

2. Lakeside Amusement Park – That old, amusement park? YES. ABSOLUTELY YES. If you want to catch a flavor of old and rustic, Lakeside Amusement Park is the place to go. Surround yourself with rattling roller-coasters and circus festivities and go to town. Capture the exhilarated expressions on someone’s face as they win a fluffy pink dog. Capture the glistening light up signs as you stroll through the park. Capture the old wood slats surrounding the park. Play around with the sepia settings… and who knows? You may have just produced a rustic Western theme photoshoot.

3. Festivals, Festivals, Festivals – Denver has some pretty awesome festivals throughout the year. One of the festivals I am dying to go to (and have yet to attend) is the Dragon Boat Festival near Sloan’s Lake. Each year, thousands of people come out to partake or witness the races on individually built, Asian-inspired boats. It’s a great chance to capture a hint of Asian culture around the streets of Denver.

Robynne Connell is a Dabble Denver Street Team member who lives, breathes, and soaks up everything Denver has to offer. Even though she is originally from South Africa, Robynne has found her niche amongst the ‘Denverites’ and plans to never leave. Whether it be capturing candid memories, cooking up yummylicious dinners, expanding her fitness vigor, hiking the Rocky Mountain trails, test tasting every food truck possible, perfecting her kickboxing jabs and hooks, or scoping out the best happy hour hot spots, Robynne spends her days dabbling throughout Denver.

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