Bridget Molloy of Bridget’s Botanicals has been a longtime fan of crafting her own herbal tea blends and learning about botanical medicine. Her herbalism has taken her from Boston University to Harvard to CU Boulder. Bridget’s love for herbal remedies has helped her launch a beautiful apothecary on Marion Street in Denver where she hosts diverse verdant classes. Bridget has many popular classes coming up including Crafting Herbal Teas, Holiday Herbal Wine Infusions + Tasting, and Elderberry Syrup for Health & Cocktails.

Tell us a little about yourself

Hi, I’m Bridget, Founder of Bridget’s Botanicals, LLC. I am a certified herbalist and have studied around the globe, adventuring about and learning about different medicinal traditions! Most recently I was in the Amazon rainforest and will be leading a medicinal plant trip back to the jungle in 2017. I am a Denver native, and earned my BA in molecular biology at CU Boulder, later studied medicinal chemistry at Harvard, and received my Masters in teaching for science education in biology and global ecology. I LOVE playing in the great outdoors. Linking health to the environment is one of my passions. I have been a science educator for 8 years, and have been practicing herbalism for 7 years.

How did you get started with Dabble?

One of the Dabble organizers reached out to me after they found my website last year, and since then, I was a Dabbler!

What do you do when you’re not teaching?

I direct the high school science department at my school and teach all of the sciences. While I am a teacher and scientist at heart, I also absolutely love cycling on the bike paths that run throughout Denver….especially the Cherry Creek and Platte trails. I also love traveling the world with my Partner, Bryce, and discovering off road adventures.

How has Dabble affected the way in which you conduct business?

Dabble has made me more diligent about getting my classes up and running. Having classes listed on another site creates more accountability, which is an important value to hold when running your own business that you are serious about.

Tell us about some of the people you’ve met while teaching with Dabble.

Everyone has been extremely nice and fun when they have come in through the Dabble community! I feel an instant connection and shared interest in the joy of learning and teaching! I have had a range of people in my classes, and I just love meeting people who I otherwise may not have met.

What other classes would you like to see on Dabble?

I think it would be super fun to see more classes in photography, and vegan baking…like truffles and fluffy delicious pastries!


Bridget Molloy is the owner of Bridget’s Botanicals located at 1740 Marion St. Denver. For more information on her background, products, specialties and classes visit her at Feel free to call or email for a consultation (303) 506-6790 or