It has always been Dabble’s mission to both help folks explore their interests and indulge their curiosity through interesting, curated classes, and to help small businesses grow by providing the link that fuels the transaction between them and their customers.

So as you can imagine, when we learned last week that Sosh, a San Francisco-based startup that helps users find and book local activities in their area, is shutting down after having their talent acquired by the on-demand delivery service Postmates, we were shocked.



As firm believers of “rising tides raise all ships,” Sosh’s shuttering came as a blow: A widened gap in the experiential activities market, even if it does mean the demise of one of our most formidable competitors, does not fit with our overarching mission to empower more people to consistently – and easily – explore their passions.

As such, we’re happy to announce our expansion into the cities Sosh will be leaving behind and hope all partner merchants will consider Dabble as their event marketing and registration partner. Including San Francisco, Dabble will be looking to offer classes in D.C., New York City, and Seattle, expanding our community marketplace to include solopreneurs and small businesses from these cities into our ever expanding list of local, in-person offerings.

We believe that everyone has someone to offer and share. There are many companies in the events and experience space but Dabble is the only class and experience marketplace allowing individuals to monetize their passions and skills. As we begin market cultivation with individuals and partner merchants in other new cities thanks to passionate partners in Austin, Dallas, Savannah, Orlando and Cincinnati the timing of our recent successful round of funding is perfectly aligned.

Dabble remains committed to finding the most unique, quirky, rare, and memorable classes to keep people dusting off old hobbies or finding new ones, and to create a space for creators and dreamers to connect with curious, wannabe Renaissance men and women.

If you know a someone who would be an incredible teacher, send them our way. If you’re in one of our new cities and have a class request, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.

We look forward to continuing the mission by forging more connections and continuing our movement toward lifelong learning.

The Dabble Team,

Jay / Devin / Jeremy / Danielle B. / Whitney / Jacqueline / Erin / Haley / Danielle D. / Kari / Andrea


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