Weekends may be the godsend we’ve all been looking for… so why not make the most of ’em and squeeze in as much fun as possible?? Here is the perfect guide:

FRIDAY February 5th: Dream Catcher “Make & Take”

medium_Black_CatcherEver wake up from a dream about Ryan Gosling and wish you were still sleeping? Join and learn to make your own dream catcher, so you can hold onto your dreams just a little bit longer! You will be supplied with the artistic skills, supplies, and plenty of good times. Free house punch provided by the Freehand hotel!




SATURDAY February 6th: Linoleum Card Printing for your VALENTINEsmall_square_2014-12-20_19.16.00

As high tech as our lives become, there is still something about receiving a card that just feels good. But Hallmark is un-original, e-cards are kind of lame, and a handwritten scribbled note is about as good as a text message.

Do something you can be proud of, and learn how to carve linoleum into your own cards! It’s seriously cool, and you’ll have great stories about how you did it for days to come. Plus you get to keep what you made, and use it again and again. (Investing in the future anyone?)


SUNDAY February 7th: Hearts on Fire: Glass Bead Making & Jewelry

Version 3What says love more than glass… on FIRE?

That’s right.

Not much.

Join Chicago Glass Collective in this Sunday-Funday workshop where you will have the chance to work with HOT GLASS and create your own one of a kind beads! This workshop is so great. It’s like a 2for1!

1.) Play with Hot Glass

2.) Make cool beads– gift & them!

You cannot miss this one without feeling a little bad. Go ahead and check it out.

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