A homemade or DIY Valentine’s Day gift is a great way to show you appreciate someone.

It’s much more meaningful than the usual store-bought gift while you’ve the freedom to personalize the gift to make it highly appealing. We decided to highlight some of the most creative and inspiring Valentine’s DIY Dabble has to offer! Don’t break the bank…break a heart (in a good way)!

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V-Day Card Block Printmaking

There is so much that you can do with printmaking, the very broad medium allows you to make multiples of one image. Send a special Valentine by printing your own! Linoleum block printmaking is as easy as making a single design, and print it for a loved one.

Valentine’s Day Cupcake Decorating 

Feel free to come with your significant other or any loved one and frost some pretty cupcakes together and enjoy some drinks at a local bar! This class will provide homemade red velvet cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes, with cream cheese frosting and vanilla buttercream frosting. YUM!

Valentine Zentangle + Watercolor

Create a beautiful piece of artwork for your love. Zentangle® is a method of creating abstract art that is both fun and relaxing. The artist combines structured patterns called “tangles” in a spontaneous way to create beautiful black and white images.

Mosaic Valentine Art

Show your love by sharing time together making a unique mosaic gift for each other or any loved one in your life. You’ll use plexiglas forms to create mosaic in art that will look like stained glass windows.

Valentine’s Themed Terrarium 

Bring your sweetie or make something special for them at this Valentine’s-themed terrarium class! We will provide a large apothecary jar, and all the soil, moss, charcoal, and accoutrements needed to create your own steamy ecosystem.

Fuse Your Love Metal Sculpture 

Want a Unique Valentines day experience? We’re offering a very special class to make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable! Imagine spending part of your special day together doing something no one else is doing, Fusing metal together.

Create A Love Potion

Known to help increase sexual health, awareness, and stimulation, among other things, aphrodisiacs have been an age-old lure around the world. This workshop will explore how aphrodisiacs work as well as explore them in the context of herbal elixirs. What exactly are elixirs and what can herbal aphrodisiac elixirs do for your love life?

Love Jam 101

Come learn how to make a sweet jam for your toast, bagels or muffins from the pickling/fruit butter/marmalade/jelly Master in Austin! Create a delicious treat for the one you love!

Arm Candy Love

Design and leave with two meaningful bracelets that tell your unique story! You can use the bracelets as meditation tools and/or cherished mementos that will remind you and your dear one of your connection.

 PicMonkey Collage (28)

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