By Camille Virginia,
Founder, Master Offline Dating
How to Attract with Allure + Approachability Workshop

As an offline dating coach, the #1 tip I give my single clients is: opportunities to meet someone can happen every time you step foot outside your door. Seriously, they’re everywhere! Some of my personal favorites include the bus stop, an airplane, walking down the street, and the greeting card aisle in CVS. Want to increase those opportunity odds even more? Sign-up for a Dabble class! Taking a class and learning something new gives you the opportunity not only to meet new people, but also strengthen the bond you have with someone already in your life. Here’s how to do all of that and more.

Alone = Approachable
To maximize the chance of meeting someone (whether for purposes of getting a date or making a new friend), go to class by yourself. This part is key. If you bring a friend, you’re going to use them as a crutch and waste the chance to meet someone new. You know it’s true. But when you’re alone, the risk of rejection for anyone who wants to talk to you is automatically lowered. Especially if they’re there by themselves too! So how do you strike up a conversation with that cute stranger sitting next to you in calligraphy class? Bring up a topic that’s easily and immediately relatable, like Is this your first Dabble class? or I like your scarf, what’s that pattern? Honestly, it’s as simple as that. As the conversation progresses, share what other Dabble classes you’ve taken or would be interested in taking, which will create the perfect opportunity for one of you to say We should check it out together! Bingo! You, my friend, just got yourself a first date. And if you don’t meet anyone in class, at least you got out of the house and learned something new – maybe even made a new friend or found a new realtor (hey, it happened!).

Stop messaging and start sushi-making
If you’ve been talking to someone online forever, or have already gone on a few dates with someone, Dabble classes are a GREAT way to not only take your date from online to offline, but also bring your connection with each other to the next level. Like a sushi-making class! When you’re in-person, you can’t fake anything, so a class is great in that if he / she shows up and looks 10 years older than their profile picture – or can’t hold a conversation longer than four words – then at least you’re surrounded by other people and get to come home with some new culinary skills. If you’re still in the “getting to know each other” phase, doing an activity together is the perfect way to casually ask each other questions without the pressure that comes with sitting across a dinner table from each other, interview-style. Natural pauses that will happen while you’re doing your Dabble class thing – giving you the chance to think about your answers and also think about which questions to ask back.

Some of my favorite questions to ask on a date that reveal potential compatibility include:

  • What are you freakishly good at?
  • What’s the last thing that made you really happy?
  • Who’s on your panel of dream mentors?

Fifth Date to Fiftieth Anniversary
Whether you’re on your second date or been married for 50 years, sharing an experience together is a great way to continue deepening that connection AND keep things fresh. It’s been shown that people who share experiences that are new to both of them actually bond more on a chemical level, no matter how long they’ve known each other. There’s just that little bit of adrenaline rush and “neuron rewiring” action in your brain when you’re learning something new. So pick something playful like Glassblowing Experience, or sensual like Massage Your Mate, or adventurous like Brooklyn Boulders’ Beginning Wall Climbing. Or learn something new that both of you can apply in your business or personal lives. Maybe you own a business with your spouse and been wanting to start a blog, then Build Your Blog From Scratch will be just the kick in the pants you need. So the next time you’re feeling the singles blues, wondering if you’re truly compatible with the person you’re seeing, or want to add a little spice back into your long-term relationship, check out a Dabble class! Because honestly, how cool would it be to tell your grandkids “Grandpa picked up grandma after she beat him in knife throwing class!” It was love at first slice.

Camille Virginia is an OFFline dating expert, giving singles who are burned out with online dating the skills + confidence to find their match in the real world. If you’re a single lady, check out her top-rated workshop How to Attract with Allure + Approachability And get her free gift Best Date Ever: The ultimate guide to turning a chance encounter into an epic first date at