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Have you ever wanted to try something but felt unsure of where to start? Dabble.co has helped me with several of those situations. I recently wanted to buy a sign during vacation, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend that kind of cash on it. It seemed like I could just do it myself if I practice lettering.

Modern Lettering class, which I found via Dabble, quickly showed me that lettering is much more difficult than it looks. It piqued an interest that I plan to pursue further.

The class is taught by Tamasin Ford in a classroom at Power Up Tech Academy. She has a workspace waiting for you with your own workbook, which she created, and a pen that you choose and take home. (I chose classic black, but red, blue, green and other colors were available.) Tamasin also offers coffee, tea and water during class, though you are free to bring your own beverage, as you are in many Dabble classes.

Rachael (of Tea for Two blog) and I went to a Monday night class on a snowy March day in Chicago. I was nervous about finding parking outside the building on Clybourn Avenue, but it was easy to find. Surprisingly, most people were on time despite the snow!

The class begins with Tamasin discussing the basics for about 20 minutes or so. She goes over the workbook and suggests working at your own pace. Some people get through the entire workbook throughout class, while others, like me, only get to about the third page because it takes them more practice. After the talk, Tamasin walks around to each person around the table to offer feedback and tips on ways to improve. It seemed that every student thought she was terrible at lettering, but Tamasin often pointed out how we were much tougher on ourselves than we needed to be. I thought my overturns and underturns were awful, but she didn’t seem to think they were at all. The first lesson I learned about lettering is to slow down and be patient. I also took a lot of breaks in between practicing. The two-hour class inspired me to keep practicing. If nothing else, scribbling on pages is good meditation!

The class is $32, but you can get a discount on this and other Dabble classes by using my ambassador link.  Dabble is also available in cities such as Seattle, St. Louis, Denver, Atlanta and Austin. You can use code MARETTE10 to get 10 percent off your class.

Author’s Note:
** I received a Dabble credit to pay for this class. I was a Dabble.co fan long before becoming an ambassador. I may receive incentives for using my code and links.