It’s a fact: Thousands of users and teachers love to Dabble in new experiences, classes, and events! But what does Denver love Dabbling in most? Check out our list of the Top 5 Dabble Classes happening right now and cross them off your to-Dabble list!

Basic Welding and Metal Fabrication with Chad Copeland
Students taught: 406

Learn instruction on Basic Welding and Metal Fabrication including safety procedures with equipment and hands-on time practicing the techniques. Looking for a truly unique experience for mom? Check out the Mother’s Day edition of this popular class!

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Craft a Mala Beads Necklace with Jen Pastalo Dacpano
Students Taught: 215

Customize a mala expressing your unique story and style! With over 24 types of stone beads, you’ll tap into your creative flow to design a 108-bead knotted mala necklace and handmade tassel. You’ll end up with a piece of art you wear and will always cherish.

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Sip Wine and Create a Terrarium with Bella Calla
Students Taught: 211

During her two-hour workshop, florist Lilli Black teaches participants how to create their own glass-enclosed sculptures, drawing inspiration (and materials) from her shop, Bella Calla. At the class’s end, take home your creation and the knowledge necessary for it to thrive.

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Introduction to Sewing with HISS Studio
Students Taught: 165

Never used a sewing machine? Maybe used one once years ago? Curious if sewing is a hobby you’d like to try? This is your starting point. Sew a very basic project, learn a little about sewing, and find out if you want to pursue more with this easy and fun introduction to sewing. Perfect for those who are curious!

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30 Minute Mozzarella with Wine & Whey
Students Taught: 115

Learn how to make stretchy and delicious mozzarella cheese! Find out what ingredients are necessary and which are ‘nice to add’ to the cheese. Ask questions, get answers and be wowed that you can make cheese in just 30 minutes! You even get to take home a ball of your very own freshly-made mozzarella!

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