It’s a fact: Thousands of users and teachers love to Dabble in new experiences, classes, and events! But what does St. Louis love Dabbling in most? Check out our list of the Top 5 Dabble Classes happening right now and cross them off your to-Dabble list!

Introduction to Soap Making with Maven Bath & Candle Co.
Students Taught: 192

An introduction to the cold process method of soap making, taught by people who’ve been doing it professionally for nearly a decade. Commercially made soaps are full of detergents and chemicals that strip skin of its natural moisture. Learn how to make soaps that only contain all-natural ingredients, making them safe for even the most delicate skin.

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Kombucha 101 with Mary Ostafi
Students Taught: 157

In this one-hour class, get a walk through of the full process of kombucha brewing from starting your own scoby to propagating a high-quality mother and brewing kombucha for refreshment. You’ll also receive printed instructions that detail everything so you can focus more on the class, and have the notes ready for you at home!

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Sushi Rolling with Tani Sushi Bistro
Students Taught: 138

If you have ever wanted to roll your own sushi, this is the class for you. Learn the history of the cuisine and some basic techniques to create your own beautifully crafted and creative sushi rolls. You will make three different kinds of rolls then gather with new friends and eat SUSHI!

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Tea 101 with The London Tea Room
Students taught: 117

Tea 101 will tell you how many types of tea – black, white, green, oolong, and pu-erh – are created from the same species of plant. Plus, learn how to brew the perfect cup of tea at home! Whether you’re a newcomer to tea or someone who has enjoyed English Breakfast their entire life, this class is the perfect introduction to the vast world of tea.

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Not Your Typical Watercolor Class with Andrea Standby
Students Taught: 107

In this class, you’ll explore a splish-splash, abstract type of positive painting style with watercolors. Learn color mixing, layering, and how to bring out definition to your art in the post-production process using ink.

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