Get to know Dabble teacher and cupcake extraordinaire Bethany Marrier below.

Find these ‘lemon soaked gems’ on her blog Ezbake’s Oven or show her some Twitter love @ezbake.

Describe the experience of your Dabble Class in 10 words or less
You can make fancy looking cupcakes. You CAN.

Why do you love baking?
I love baking because everyone likes dessert, and I love to share food. Making something and feeding my friends is probably my favorite thing to do. I really enjoy giving people an excuse to indulge in something delicious. I also find baking incredibly relaxing and rewarding. I love zoning out in the kitchen, and once I accepted the fact that food is never perfect, I was really able to take pride in the things I make. Every time I create a new recipe that tastes delicious, I reflect back on my self-education and all the mishaps in the kitchen. I am so proud that I can make awesomely tasty things without a mix, a box, a can of frosting, etc., and I believe everyone has this ability, too. 

Beyond your class topic, what do you dabble in?
I dabble in photography, interior design, sewing, video production, beer geekery, all sorts of crafts and art making… I dabble a lot. I love learning new things, and I feel dabbling helps me overcome my tendency to not pursue something because I’m not “good” at it right away.

In the future, what would you like to dabble in?
I would love to know more about the mechanics of bicycles, gardening, floral arrangement, candy making, how to hang wallpaper, upholstery, beer brewing, embroidery… I really could go on forever. 

Interview by Jess Lybeck

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