Get to know Dabble teacher and photo whiz Jennifer Whaley.

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Describe the experience of your Dabble Class in 10 words or less
Speed dating (if people dated cameras). 

Why do you love photography?
If I could just save this moment forever & wrap it up just how I see it, then share it with others and give them a smile, I would. Oh, wait! I can! I have a camera!

Beyond your class topic, what else do you dabble in?  
Back to basics home, health, & beauty. Whenever I pick up a product I think “I wonder if there’s something in my kitchen I could mix up instead of this (shampoo, furniture polish, disinfectant, etc.).” Don’t ever ask me about baking soda unless you have at least 15 minutes to spare. 

In the future, what would you like to dabble in?
Sculpting. Ever since watching Gigglesnort Hotel as a kid (remember Blob) I’ve always wanted to get my hands on clay. Gardening. I’ver had a green thumb, but I’d much rather eat food grown in my own backyard. Running. I’ve never understood it and I still don’t, but I’ve been having these strange urges to go do it lately. 

What do you like about the dabble concept? 
The accessibility, of course! So many people are scared of all the bells & whistles on a camera, but knowing that all you have to learn is a few basics will make it less intimidating. Once you learn the basics, going deeper isn’t scary anymore. There are a lot of huge subjects I might not want to tackle but if I have a chance to get a small introduction, I’ll take it. Imagine if you had no other choice than to dive into a pool (you couldn’t dip your foot in). You might never know what a great swimmer you could be. You guys are giving people the opportunity to check a temperature before they fully commit. Brilliant! 

Interview by Erin Hopmann

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