So we’ve got a kickass roster of classes lined up for the Dabble launch – and while we can’t spill the beans on details just yet, we’d love to use our blog as way to share a bit about our inaugural teachers. We’ll be posting “mini interviews” with a handful of talented folks who will be teaching an upcoming class with Dabble.

So with that, here’s just a few words from Stephen Blake Christena … master welder at Midwest Metalworks, proud Chicagoan and upcoming Dabble Teacher (Interviewed by: Jess Lybeck)

JL: So, what will you be teaching on Dabble?
SBC: Of course – an Introductory Course in Welding

JL: Describe your Class in 10 words or less
SBC: A fun, educational experience in the world of metal working.

JL: What do you love about welding?
SBC: Most people perceive metal as cold, hard, and very unforgiving material to work. But when you realize how easy it actually is you can make anything. Having the ability to make anything is a great feeling.

JL: Beyond welding, what do you like to Dabble in?
SBC:Motorcycles, Carpentry, Automotive, snowboarding, hockey, painting, photography, scuba, sky diving, skateboarding, camping, swimming, canoeing, should I continue?

JL: What’s your favorite Chicago hangout & why?
SBC: Besides my shop? The Stanley Club at Johnny’s Ice House (East)

That concludes our mini-interview (It’s quite mini, no?) Are you interested in welding or just plain curious about the class? Ask a question via comments … dare you.