Get to know Dabble Community Manager and Creative Meghan O’Shaughnessy below:

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Describe who you are in 10 words or less.
Journalista with an overactive imagination and penchant for good food.

What do you like about being community manager for Dabble?
As the community manager for Dabble I get the opportunity to meet and network with people and organizations that I might have never had the chance to meet otherwise. I tell people it’s like going to a fabulous cocktail party where the whole world is invited. I bump into amazing businesses like @mydaycation @Giftflow @DreamChamps and incredible Chicagoans like @RMGco on a daily basis. There are some amazing things happening in this city, and there is never a lack of things to do. Signing up for a class sounds easy to some but changing a routine can be hard. I really hope we motivate people to go out and live a bold life without those fears or regrets. Try that welding class or jump into ballet, why not. As a dabbler myself I know that those risks are definitely worth it.

What do you currently dabble in outside of Community Management?
It’s safe to say that my Groupons are always a good representation of my spirit. In the last 3 months I’ve signed up for an indie film movie screening (I’m a huge movie buff), scuba diving instruction, and an 8-week break dancing class. Now if you were to meet me, you’d see that I’m not exactly the break dancing type. I tend to bump into walls a lot but the prospect of spinning on my head is something I simply cannot resist. Another dream of mine is to catch a few waves surfing. Although I’m an avid swimmer, the idea of bumping into a shark terrifies me. So to face my fears and allow myself to jump on a board, I thought why not learn about scuba diving. What kind of life can I lead if I can’t take on a few fish?

What would you like to Dabble in?
I’d like to learn the accordion, sailing, and try my hand at the culinary arts. I fell in love with the accordion while I was in France and recently bought an accordion for my boyfriend at a decent price from Salvation Army (I’m a huge thrifter). Hopefully we’ll get a chance to sign up for some lessons at the Old Town School of Music this summer. I love cooking and whipping things up in the kitchen but my technique of making chicken strips with scissors, although fun, doesn’t seem very classy. So I signed up for a one year subscription to the Top Chef University online (thanks to Gilt City) so I can learn the finer ways of the culinary arts. Maybe I’ll even start a food blog like this one! And sailing, enough said. Besides the cliché of fulfilling romantic date scenarios, learning to sail has always seemed so complicated and the idea of becoming like Jack Sparrow is more than appealing.

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