So we’ve heard your requests for other cities loud and clear – and we couldn’t be more pumped to bring Dabble to six more cities across the country! Here they are … (aren’t they pretty all lined up in rows??)

So what happens now?

We’re opening up online class submissions for all six cities today (San Francisco, Austin, Denver, Twin Cities, Milwaukee and St. Louis) and each city needs 30 class submissions in order to launch in their city. A tall order – but we think dabblers can handle it. 

So what, can I do to help? 

Awww,  thanks for asking! As you know, we’re one of those startup things (a.k.a. we need all the help we can get). So here’s 3 ways you can really make a difference:

  1. Have friends who live in one of these cities? Share it with them! – Honestly, this will be the single biggest helper of all. Whether it be twitter, facebook, email or that ever archaic phone call – any little bit helps.  
  2. Submit a Class – We’ve got a ton of awesome teachers lined up in Chicago and now it’s time to find the best teachers in other cities too. So don’t be shy – and start sharing those skills with the class submission form online. 
  3. Get Involved – Whether you’ve got 15 minutes to share an idea or really want to roll up your sleeves help us take your city by storm, we’d love to hear from you. Fill out this online form and we’ll get back to you with ways we can work together. 

What’s next for Dabble?

Well, we’ll be rolling out new fancy features in the next month to make it easier to sort, pay and keep track of all your classes. After that, to the MOOOOON. 

Thanks again for all the support, we heart you guys. 

Always Dabblin’,

Jess & Erin