Get to know Dabble Public Relations Intern & Writer Meghan Hammond below:

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Describe who you are in 10 words or less.

Daydream believer and Beyoncé enthusiast with a sushi problem.

What do you like about being the Public Relations Intern for Dabble?

Dabble has all the things I’m looking for in a company- they think big but feel small. Offering low cost, low commitment, highly accessible classes for people of all walks of life is the smartest solution to combating the Netflix slump* I’ve ever come across! As the PR Intern, I’m most excited to engage in discussion with community creatives and leaders, and I love that I have the chance to spread the word about the awesome places Dabble is going. Oy vey! Will someone teach a class on “How To Be Modest When You’re Living Your Dream,” already? I clearly need to take it!

*Netflix Slump (n.): Totally official and not-at-all-made-up term for those days, most notably centered around frigid winter months or stressful work weeks, when you’ve traded all interest in engaging with humanity for sweatpants and a marathon of Cake Boss.

What do you currently dabble in outside of Public Relations?

I currently dabble in Bikram yoga, veganism & thrifting. Oftentimes when I’m feeling stagnated, I’ll throw myself a challenge that scares me. Yoga and veganism happen to be two such things I never in a million years thought I’d try, and I’m much better at one than the other (hint: not yoga), but I’m making a solid effort to keep my mind and body limber. “Thrifting” was a foreign language when I first moved from my suburban town in MD to Chicago this winter, however I spoke fluent Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, and Coach. Since moving, I’ve happily traded my designer duds in favor of my most thrilling dabbling yet- thrifting! Whoever says it’s not an art doesn’t know the first thing about sifting through bins of polyester for that hidden gem.

What would you like to Dabble in?

I’d like to dabble in slam poetry, sewing, & rolling sushi. As of late, my dabblings in poetry are best left between the dark pages of my Moleskine and LiveJournal (joke), but I’d love to learn how to wow a crowd with poignant words and focused delivery. And speaking of focus, I’m dying to get into the D.I.Y movement popping up all over my Pinterest board and blog feed. I have the patience (…I think) but not the tools or teachers to help me learn to sew. A self proclaimed sushi-holic, it would be a much welcomed break on my wallet, and a great excuse to throw a dinner party, if I could only learn to make my own.