Sarah Gaynor (@gaynordesigns), our contest winner for “free classes for a year” will be documenting her nitty gritty class experience with us for the next twelve months – here’s her third Dabble class!

There is nothing like sitting at a good restaurant and drinking a few mojitos.  There is also nothing like waking up the next day to realize you spent 50 bucks on drinks last night. So a few summers ago I became determined to start making my own mojitos at home, but they never tasted quite right. So when I saw “Muddling up Mojitos” I immediately signed up, hoping to learn where I have been going wrong.

Our instructor, Joelen Tan, teaches many of the Dabble food related classes (I’m looking at you Butter My Biscuits). She was a great teacher, easy to understand and very personable. First she walked us through each ingredient, explaining how to cut the limes and what kinds of rum to look for. So far so good, I had been using the proper ingredients in the past. Joelen then took us through the process of making the drink, again carefully explaining each step. She showed us proper muddling technique, muddling is using a muddler (yes you muddle with a muddler) to mash up your ingredients. And this is where I see my mistake; I was muddling too many ingredients at once. While the mojito is a deceptively simple drink to make, if you throw all the ingredients in at once you’re not going to enjoy the full flavor.

Then it was our turn to try making and drinking a few ourselves. I was amazed that by simply muddling in steps, the quality of the mojito was far superior to my previous attempts. Joelen, our culinary whiz, had also made plantain chips and dip for us to munch on while we muddled. She should definitely teach a class on how to make those, had it not been rude and slightly embarrassing I would have eaten the whole bowl of chips myself. While drinking a mojito of course…

– Sarah Gaynor – @gaynordesigns