Matthew Straub is teaching Travel Hacking 101 on Saturday February 18th in Milwaukee. The photo above is from a recent stay he had in Puerto Rico … a $550 flight that I got for free because of travel hacking. If you’ve ever wanted to fly somewhere that seemed out of reach because of budget, you’ll definitely want to check out his class! Here’s a bit more about Matthew … 

Describe who you are in 10 words or less.

Travel addict by experience. Coffee addict by addiction. 

How do you balance work & play in your life? 

I play at work and I work at night. (Ask my coworkers.) But seriously, in addition to a full-time job in web marketing, I work on freelance projects and am building a travel blog. If I just viewed it all as just work, and I didn’t like what I do, I would lose my mind.

What do you currently dabble in outside of traveling?

I’m trying keep my writing skills sharp, currently by freelancing for a certain daily deals website. I’m also trying to improve my photography skills, I take an active interest in coffee and beer (beyond basic consumption), and I’m starting to do some work with a pretty sweet international web project.

What would you like to dabble in?

Travel photography. I already do this as an amateur with a hefty camera, but I’d like to do it more seriously.

For more information about Matthew, check out his LinkedIn and twitter @matthewmagellan