Our team is proud to announce two new furry additions to the Dabble family! Jess and Meghan both became the proud parents of their own little pups this weekend, and Babble by Dabble has the privilege of being the first to feature them before they inevitably become famous for sheer cuteness.


Name: Lacey Rue.

Named for Lacey Underall, one of the main characters of Caddyshack, and Jess’ all time favorite movie. Rue was the puppy’s given name from the Hunger Games litter.

Owner: Jessica Lybeck

Age: 8 weeks, 1 day and 4 hours old.

Cutest thing Lacey Rue has done to date: Climb steps! What a huge accomplishment for a floppy puppy.

Most likely to Dabble in: Professional face licking, zig-zag walks in the park.

Name: Sundae.

Named for her speckled belly … it looks like whipped cream with chocolate sprinkles! And, of course, for being the sweetest.

Owner: Meghan Hammond

Age: 7 1/2 weeks old

Favorite Toy: Her huge squeaky pencil. Quite the budding academic.

Cutest thing Sundae has done to date: Pummel the bushes, linebacker style, in front of Meghan’s apartment. She was the biggest pup of the litter … watch out for the big girl!

Most likely to Dabble in: Dirty sock hoarding.

Too cute. We will probably continue to obsessively stalk these pooches. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on updates.