Earlier this week, we introduced you guys to the Chicago Notables Series— our first round of classes aimed at accessing the talents and knowledge of distinguished Chicagoans for the betterment (and entertainment!) of our community.

While we’re excited to be sharing the classroom with some of our absolute favorite movers-and-shakers, the likes of Julie Shapiro, Dmitry Samarov and Jeff Carter all included, we’ve recently been stunned with excitement by a class submission so prolific, from a name so distinguished, we couldn’t help but #humblebrag a bit with this blog post.

Ladies and gentlemen, we think we’ve made it. We know, because we’ve gotten a class submission from the one, the only, the admirable Woofy Barky Bark!

Who is Woofy, you ask? Well, as you might be able to guess … he’s a dog. But he’s not just any dog. He’s every dog. He’s that tail-wagging, butt-sniffing, man’s-best-friend of ours that we want so badly to communicate with outside the realm of “arf” and “sniff.”

And he’s thrown his collar into the ring to teach a Dabble class with us! Sure, we can’t really understand anything he’s trying to say, but we’re pretty certain his qualifications of “yap” “yap” and “yap” don’t stand for nothing in this dog-eat-dog world of ours.

What do you say, good folks? Should we let Woofy “I Am a Dog” Barky Bark share his K-9 skills in a Dabble class? What would you want to learn? You can see our full interaction with Woofy, including his eloquent class submission, on his website here (he’s even got a nod in Refinery29 and from Lisa Frame of So Yeah Duh & Mugshot Monday!) and be sure to leave comments below with your two bones on what he should teach.

Fleas out!