When I was four-years-old a reporter came to my daycare and took a photo of me waiting in line to limbo. The photo was published in a local newspaper and has graced my mom’s fridge ever since. In the photo, I’m the next to go under the broomstick. I’m not smiling, my eyes are wide, and my hands are clenched in fists. I’m about to try something new and I’m consumed by fear. My decision to wear socks with a pair Jellies really drives home the point, “everything scares me, even walking.”

Thankfully, I have since taken small risks and tried a few new things. I now go on roller coasters, watch horror movies, use public transportation. Yet there is one area that continues to make me pee my metaphorical pants: talking to strangers.

This is why I’m challenging myself to take one Dabble class a week that scares me. My journey began yesterday when I was introduced to the world of fencing. All I can tell you for now is that I did not die…The full post, with all the gory details, will be up next Wednesday. Stay tuned!

I’m beyond excited to share my experiences with the Dabble community! These posts will serve as an honest account of what it’s like to search for a passion and connect with a community. And even if you don’t agree that talking to strangers is like breaking your femur, won’t it be fun to follow my missteps and small victories?

Be sure to check in each week on my progress. Votes of confidence/emotional support can be sent to the comments section, Facebook and Twitter. Wish me luck!