Part of our work with IDEO has entailed digging into the question: What do people most seek from their Dabble experience? And who of them are we truly here to serve? Armed with the curiosity and research chops of our new partners-in-crime, we’ve done some poking and prodding with Dabblers and teachers – and also those unaware of Dabble.

On Tuesday, October 23, we wooed five Chicagoans with the promise of wine, pizza, and … Sharpies and Post-Its. (Because honestly, what’s a party without permanent markers.) IDEO calls these friendly sessions Whine and Dines, but we were pleased to find more wine-ing than whining.

Some things we learned? Well, because we’d like to leave a little something for the imagination, we’ll only tease with a few words here: calendars, celebrities, and custom experiences. Dabble is social. It’s also a learning experience. The ability to walk away with a new tool in your knowledge belt. It’s a way to meet new people. To do something unique with your friends. To spice up your weekly date night.

We started the mission 18 months ago to enable people to tickle their interests in a low-pressure, low-commitment way.  We launched on WordPress, a blogging platform. Here we are now, working alongside the design gurus at IDEO and working to make Dabble better day by day.

Stay tuned for more. We’re beginning a design sprint next week where we’ll begin to incorporate some of our learnings into the site design and experience.