Not to be dramatic but, do you not know me by now? Before I started on my Dabble journey I would rather cut my feet off than show up somewhere alone. Before agreeing to take one Dabble class a week and blog about my experiences, I was a straight up hermit. While being a hermit has always been an aspiration of mine, being one at 26-years-old seemed defeatist. So when I decided to leave my shell behind I also made a promise to attend classes alone. With no friend to make small talk with, I was forced to mingle with strangers. But this is where it gets good!

The people I’ve met in my Dabble classes have been so warm and friendly that my networking confidence has skyrocketed. I have since attended other events where I must mingle to stay alive! And I have thrived thanks to what I’ve learned in my pre and post class banter.

Dabbling and blogging on Babble has afforded me the opportunity to enter into another blog partnership, this time with event management startup, Eventbrite. This gig is similar to Dabble in that I must attend social-good/tech based events and blog about them on the Zealous Good blog. Through this job I’ve met a dozen other interesting and influential people who have connected me to several writing opportunities.

I have always wanted to be an author but I never imagined the shape it would take. What started out as a yearning to be like Beatrix Potter has turned into a desire to be an inimitable blogger. Dabble has given me the venue to report my observations honestly, to enter seamlessly into a possible networking nightmare, and to continue proving, I can do this. I’m a writer, damnnit. 


Ali Kelley is a 20-something trying to figure out her life one Dabble at a time. Be sure to check back each Wednesday to see her newest Dabble class adventure, and cheer her on with words of encouragement through the comments section below or on Twitter @freegiantparty.