What’s the benefit to taking a class on house flipping, as opposed to just watching the show on TLC?

As we all know, TV can stretch the truth. The class will give you real-world tips on how to anticipate expenses, avoid pitfalls, save money, and find the local power team you need.  As Robert Kiyosaki says (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), “investing is a team sport,” and a few episodes of TV aren’t enough to prepare you for the big project ahead.

How long have you been fixin’ and flippin’, and what’s the most rewarding part for you?

I have been rehabbing homes and helping clients do the same for over 4 years.  I love seeing my friends and clients learn to use their imagination and have their money work for them.  They not only improve Denver area housing and give jobs to local contractors, but also earn a nice profit at the same time.

What’s the best thing about being in a place like Denver?

The people!  There is such a good energy here in Denver, and the people exude it.  Of course, we have the mountains, great weather, and fun, casual culture to thank.

How do you juggle your career and hobbies and find work / life balance?

That is always the biggest struggle!  For me, I find balance by integrating work and play.  My friends are my clients, and my clients my friends (and so are my vendors, contractors, etc).  I have spent the last 5+ years building systems and a strong support team, both personally and professionally.  This allows me to trust my team and systems to automate a lot of the minutia of life and business, thus freeing up my time and energy to spend with my friends and family.  Book recommendation:  Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.

And just for fun … If you were a superhero, which would you be?

Iron Man, for sure. He has the smarts, the cash, and a baller suit.


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Aaron Hart has been a real estate broker in the Denver Metro area for the past 5+ years. In that time, Aaron has flipped 5 homes, and aided friends and clients make money in residential real estate. He currently works for Innovative Real Estate Group, and has a passion for creating win/win situations in all real estate transactions.